Analogue Observations

I am a proper old git. I genuinely say things like “when I was young” and “You’re twelve and you’ve got an iPhone?!” (well, that is just fucking ludicrous). My latest thing is Instagram. The app recently became available for my definitely-not-an-iPhone and I immediately got Instadiarrhoea (well, I love photography and had a new toy). But, in typical Spads fashion, it got my goat too. Rather like Ebay is rife with annoying people tagging their two year old dresses from Monsoon as “vintage 1950s” Instagram is full of random selfies no matter what tag you explore, and it drives me round the bend.  I searched for JH Lynch Tina prints and there was a selfie of someone’s penis in the mix (don’t do it boys!). Starsky and Hutch? You’ll find over 2000 images, and about 20% will be sodding selfies (and they’ve not even made the effort to put on a cardigan or perm their hair).

This is not a penis (though people who know my brother may argue otherwise)

This is not a penis (though people who know my brother may argue otherwise)

And when it comes to Flickr I tag my film pictures “analogue” begrudgingly. A photographer whose work I like asked on Twitter “Does anyone else out there use analogue film?” and I got a headache from grinding my teeth. Film is film! I yelled, in my head. You don’t have to call it “analogue film” just because it’s not digital! But that appears to be an age thing. For younger people, if it’s not digital, it is  therefore analogue, even though for old gits like me it is simply “film” (just like all the years I used it before you was born, mate.) The other thing that irks me on Instagram is an apparent lack of standards. People gush over every little black and white photo taken on film, presumably because it’s new to them and a little exotic. It’s also out of focus! And underexposed! Grrrr!

I actually think it’s great that young people are discovering formats and pop culture joys that the rest of us grew up and with and clung on to. The same goes for vinyl (simply called “records” in my day). Sales are up, and it’s in part due to young people embracing this old format. I’m sure there’s a lot of transient hipster posturing at work here, but the boom means I can occasionally splash out on a new release and sit it next to all the records I kept from my youth (and the charity shop oddities I’ve collected since). Some people are even releasing their music on tapes (and yes, I still have tapes and a twin player/recorder). Go forth by going back dear people-who- are-much-younger-than-me-and-let’s-face-it-I’m-a-bit-jealous, I salute you!

But Bloody Nora, if Urban bloody Outfitters can’t distinguish between an album and a 12″ single because they’re too young or stupid to know the difference, I’m going to whine about it. Old git style.

This is an LP by Antlered Man. It is not a 12" single.

This is an LP by Antlered Man. It is not a 12″ single.

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