Woman Words

I just wanted to have a little rave about a couple of things that are currently making me happy.

First up is Bitch magazine – feminist response to popular culture. On a total impulse I responded to a marketing email offering a discounted subscription. With a little birthday money to flutter I figured, why not?! Maybe I won’t read every article, maybe I’ll get bored (my attention span is rubbish) but at the moment I’m loving the fact the postman delivers this magazine all the way from America in a clear plastic wrapper, emblazoned with a bold “bitch” on the front and an advert for “a female friendly sex toy boutique” on the back!

And the other thing that makes me happy is Poor Lass Zine – an infrequent, but very substantial zine that gives working class women and men a chance to share their stories. The latest issue is about family, but they’ve also explored themes of community and work. It’s only £3 including postage, and trust me, that’s £3 well spent. I love hearing the variety of voices and experiences and, let’s face it, this is a good old-fashioned bit of empowering (as well as vital recording of pertinent personal histories). Please support them – they are ace.

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