A Compilation Tape Compilation by @bloodynoradj

Leeds Playlist

You’ll have to indulge me in a little nostalgia here. I’ve still got loads of old compilation tapes friends made for me years ago. To me they are objects of beauty, and important mementos, not simply a hipster fad. Particularly special are those made by my old mate Jas Toomer, who died in a car crash over ten years ago. He was a music obsessive and a prolific tape-maker. He had one of the biggest record collections I’ve ever seen – it had to be carefully positioned when he lived in a caravan, so as not to tip it over. He also made excellent inserts, artwork and stickers to go with the tapes.

Tapes by @bloodynoradj

Making tapes was a linear labour of love, a real-time creation, which tested your editing skills. I never liked it when the tape ran out before a track finished, so tended to use the same short tracks…

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