Dear Dave – Re: Britons being better off

Dear Dave

Have you got five minutes? Thanks.

You keep telling us there are positive signs that Britons are better off and there is no cost of living crisis. Take home pay is apparently increasing, in part thanks to an increase in the personal allowance (oh how you make me chuckle when you take credit for that) and we’re all apparently much better off. Phew.

With my 2% salary increase and the new £10,000 personal allowance, I’m taking home an extra £21.84 a month compared to last year. Score! The thing is, my rent is increasing by £12.75 a month, having already been increased by £23.18 p/m last year, and Council Tax is increasing by 2.5%. And I don’t even have any figures for the various household bills and our monthly bus passes, oh, and there’s food too, but let’s face it – they’re not going to decrease, are they? Also, my Tax Credits appear to have dropped by £36 per month, but I won’t even try to understand those figures, because they baffle even my brainiest friends.

Now, I failed my 11+ and am a bit thick compared to you and your lovely well-educated cabinet, but I think I can still do the maths. Would you mind asking George to quickly cross-check on his abacus for me? He got a considerable drop in my disposable income since 2010, too? Thought so.

Now my situation isn’t desperate – at least I have a job (even if I have taken consecutive pay cuts with every job I’ve had since being made redundant in 2001). We even still have treats, like Netflix, and the odd cinema trip (and lord knows I love a latte). Oh, but we did have to give up the car last year, and it’s been a few years since our last holiday (mind you, I’ve almost paid off the credit card balance that incurred – yay!). So, forgive me, but I do feel a little bit like I’m wading through toffee.

Could you get back to me and explain how our standard or living has improved under your government? Thanks loads, I appreciate it.

Yours sincerely




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