Photos from Yorkshire Festival 2014

This year I had the opportunity to photograph several Yorkshire Festival events, taking in an impressive variety of performances and exhibitions from the 100 days of culture leading up to the Tour De France in July 2014. Here are a few highlights (with links to more images):

Todmorden’s Fantastical Cycle Parade

Fantastical Cycle Parade

The Bike Show in Barnsley

Bike Show

 Bicycle with Barefoot – Annapurna Dance in Bradford

Bicycle Barefoot at Bradford Festival, Maria Spadafora_9553

Sheffield Steel Peloton

Sheffield Steel Peloton at Cliffhanger_Maria Spadafora_0349

A French farm that sprang up overnight outside Huddersfield’s train station – Hypervelocity: La Vengeance des Semis

La Vengeance des Semis

And finally, woolly bikes and a festival of light and colour in Sheffield

Festival of Colour, Space & Light,Sheffield, Maria Spadafora_1747

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