A Quick 2014 Slide Show

Once upon a time people used to dread the sentence “let’s get the holiday slides out.” Not me. You got 200 pictures of sunsets and statues? I’m your girl.

2014 was the year I made a concerted effort to get back into photography. I had a great art teacher back in the 1980s who taught me how to use a 35mm SLR and process and print my own films, and I’ve loved taking pictures ever since. However, I got slack. I even left a slide film in my old Pentax for two years, during which time the labs had closed down and I could no longer use the pre-paid envelope. Luckily I discovered the lovely people at Dragons in Leeds. So this last year I went mental – DSLR, 35mm, 120mm, Instagram, lomo – I took more pictures than I did wees. These are just a few samples, with links to more images on Flickr and Instagram. And the good thing about it is, you only have to look if you want to…

Bearing Flux – having joined Leeds Creative Timebank, I teamed up with a group of artists to document their work as they explored waterside walks. Hopefully there will be more to come, though I’ll happily forgo the hostile weather we experienced in Malham.


My Sister is My Muse – born around the time I first got into photography, I’ve been snapping her ever since. She’s a very good subject.

I got stuck into film again and bought my first medium format cameras – a monster Kiev 60 (I call it The Hulk) and a  Yashica Mat LM. And my 35mm Praktica cost a mere £29 from West Yorkshire Cameras. Vintage bargains that work brilliantly. Will your over-priced iPhone still be working in 50 years’ time…?

Art is where my heart is – music, dance, theatre – I’ve snapped a lot of good stuff this year, including Yorkshire Festival, Leeds West Indian Carnival and stunning aerialists Theater Tol. Twice.


I learned to love Instagram. So much so that I set myself an #instadaily challenge for the year. Also a good opportunity to muck about with double exposure apps on my phone.


And I got all Street, sneakily snapping strangers and hoping not to offend anyone.

Finally, I embraced Lomography. My Disderi Robocam sat in a drawer for a long time as I was so unimpressed with the quality, but I got back into enjoying the surprise of having a film processed (having forgotten what I’d taken), plus the Disderi has no viewfinder so it’s always a surprise! Then, in December, I won a Fisheye. More lomo fun was had, and what a great way to end the year – a winner. I was disappointed it wasn’t millions on the lottery, but still, I’ll take what I can get…



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