Jumping through Tax Credits hoops

I had better things to do today, but this morning I received a letter from Concentrix* – a Business Services Company – on behalf of HM Revenue & Customs Tax Credits department. The letter says they “have information” that suggests someone else is living with me. They’re basically accusing me of co-habiting without informing them (I’m not). So I’ve had to sift through various documents and gather loads of shit together, otherwise they’ll stop our (my son and I) tax credits.


I’m pretty furious. E’s Dad and I split up 13 years ago! I resent the accusation, am baffled as to where this “information” has come from, and, as I already said, I’ve got stuff to do! So, because I’m me, I’m sharing with you the letter I’ve written in response:

9th November 2015

Dear Concentrix on behalf of HM Revenue & Customs

REF: ******** case reference ***************

I received your letter this morning saying you have received information there might be another person linked to me or my address between 06 April and 03 Nov 2015. I request that you clarify what this information is, please, because I am baffled.

I have lived at this address with my son – E****– since September 2012. Have we ever had visitors sleep over? Yes, of course, but no one else has lived here.

In response to your request for information, I have enclosed the following:

  1. Bank statements for my current account for the period 24th March-16th October 2015.That’s as far as they go up to, to date. There are 21 sheets of paper (I counted them twice). Have fun looking through them, I shop at Morrisons a lot, don’t I?
  2. Cash ISA statements for the period 11th December 2014 – 5th November 2015. There are 3 sheets of paper. As you can see, I’m not very good at saving money.
  3. Notice of Rent Increase from Leeds City Council dated 26th Feb 2015, effective from 6th April 2015. I don’t have a tenancy agreement as this is a council rental, so this is the most recent statement/letter I can give you. 1 sheet of A3 paper, folded.
  4. Council Tax bill dated 2nd March 2015, for the period 1st April 2015 – 21 March 2016. You’ve requested one dated ‘after April 2015’ but it doesn’t work like that, which is good, because I like to get notifications in advance. (1 sheet of paper).
  5. Yorkshire Water bill, dated 6th February for the period 1st April 2015 – 31st March 2016. Way too expensive by my reckoning. It was less than half the price in the last place I rented. (1 sheet of paper).

I cannot supply telephone bills at this time because I am with Talk Talk. And yes, my account was hacked. I don’t receive paper statements and can’t access my online account, but you can see from my bank statements the monthly direct debits.

I also cannot supply gas and electric bills because I have pre-pay meters which involves putting money on a card via the local pay point (whose machine is often broken, it’s rubbish).

Finally, I don’t have any court or solicitor letters such as legal separation documents, decree nisi etc, because I’ve never been married. Some people tilt their head and ‘ahhh’ slightly pitifully when I tell them this, but for me it’s something to celebrate.

Hopefully you have everything you need here (27 sheets of paper containing all sorts of personal information. I’m embarrassed to see a purchase at Caffe Nero in my bank statements, as they are tax dodgers and I usually boycott them, but I was treating my Mum and Boston only has two coffee shops).

Please let me know if you need anything else. And please return my documents in good time.

Yours sincerely

Maria Spadafora

(*means circles, doesn’t it? As in running around in? Apt.)

5 thoughts on “Jumping through Tax Credits hoops

  1. Brilliant I to have had the “letter” personally I think they are working through the alphabet of single claimants and sending this “standard” letter. Not only do I not live with someone but I am a carer to two children one of which could drop down dead in front of me any moment and the other needing constant care. I pointed out that not only do I have the constant stress of this but now an agonising wait while they decide they can find something on me that they can cut my credit and put me and the children onto the streets. I thanked them for their request and asked them to return my internal organs as soon as possible as I’m not overly happy about every transaction I’ve ever made (I’m actually scared by the fact I sell my used rubbish on ebay and they will see this is income) in some complete strangers hands and they are able to route through my life as though I am not actually a human being. It is utterly disgusting. I understand that fraud is fraud and there are issues however I can not see how checking someone’s direct debits and bills proves a dam thing as you can do that and live with someone anyway! My opinion is that as my 23 year old son went on the electrol list and put in his tax return in 2 months ago and because he is a different name this has sparked their attention. However if the nit wits crossed checked their extensive information on me they would see I once claimed for him!!! IDIOTS I got my paper work back today and once I’d stopped shaking realising that’s all it was I now have the agonising moment every Monday preying I’ve been paid. SMASHING

    • Hi, thanks for your comments. What a total nightmare for you! When I first got the letter I felt very threatened and pissed off. I’ve since realised thousands of other single parents are in the same boat and it’s all bollocks manufactured to cull claimants. I’ve had my documents back and am awaiting a ‘decision’. I’ve since made a freedom of information request demanding to see the ‘information’ they claim they have on me. Did you see how they accused one lady of having a relationship with her corner shop? Bonkers! Don’t let them bully you into not bothering with tax credits – you/we are entitled to them, and we have to keep fighting crap like this (but not at the expense of your health). Best of luck, look after yourself (don’t let the bastards get you down, as the saying goes) and feel free to let me know how you get on. Maria x

  2. I to have had the “letter” not only do I not have a partner my boyfriend lives in Australia so huh!!! My son of course (different name) put in a tax return and went on the electral register a few months ago and boom!! Here they are ! I pointed out they are correct !! I DO live with another adult. MY SON and pointed out I am certainly am not in a relationship with him! I also pointed out that he has a heart condition that means he could drop down dead in front of me at any moment and my other son has 8 different disorders and needs constant care so thanked them kindly for the accusation and the agonising stress of having to wait to see if some untrained numpty who wants his commission can find something on my 300 pages of statements that means they can get their money back. This is indeed the 4th time I’ve had one of these checks. Last three times was on child care payments and once they found a minor error and made a picnic out of that one so I’m clearly on their radar of ah there’s one we could get!!
    Suffering chronic aniexty and now being in the situation of having to be a full time carer and trying to study my way out of ever claiming anything the stress has taken its toll. I almost feel like saying keep your money! As sending my internal organs to a complete stranger because big brother revenue needs it’s statistics and to know what we are all buying is quite frankly more than I can bear!

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