Welcome to the 20th Century, Tenants

We all take the things we have for granted, be it health, housing, food, or the ability to treat yourself now and then. It’s usually when something is threatened you check your privilege, and cross your fingers that balance will soon return. I’ve blogged and campaigned quite a lot around housing in the private and social rental sectors, and for once can share something positive.

Leeds Housing’s investment in solar panels for a minority of photo(op)genic properties pissed me off. Not because I have anything against green investment, of course I don’t, but because my street still had shit, rotting wood frame windows from the 1970s, like this one:

Old broken window

A blog, some Tweets, a few letters to councillors and a meeting later, Leeds Housing finally put my street on the waiting list to have our windows replaced. And this week that happened for me and my son – we now live in a fully double-glazed property – whoop! And, added bonus, also have a new front door! (I still stop and stare at my new front door, and have even been known to stroke it). Indulge me as I share some before and after photos:

I feel like we’ve joined the 20th century, and I say that deliberately, as things like decent windows and central heating are something many have taken for granted since the 1980s and 1990s. A big deal for me and my boy, but a small accomplishment in the scheme of things. For those of us renting, we still face hostility from the establishment and weird anti-hero bastards who pose as MPs by day and landlords by night, filibustering safety reforms apparently being their super-power. Tenants’ rights, already flimsy, are still being eroded, both in private and social housing.

We can all write to out MP today to challenge a bill that threatens thousands: Kill The Housing Bill.

Even if this doesn’t affect you, will you stand with us?



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