Dear Labour

You’re a right bunch of divs. The second the opportunity presents itself, you’re in there, scapegoating  Jeremy Corbyn over brexit and calling for a vote of no-confidence. It’s all very convenient, isn’t it?

I haven’t voted Labour for many years. Tony Blair was (and continues to be) a smug, self-serving, war-mongering toby jug and shafted the likes of me – single parents on a part-time income – by removing the 10p tax band. Then last year Ed Balls was all, ‘We will improve living standards for low earners by introducing a new 10p tax rate!’ Bellendery at it’s best. And you wonder why you didn’t win?!

You people have short, selective  memories, but we don’t. Your party membership increased exponentially because of Jeremy Corbyn. People like me are willing to vote Labour again, for the first time in years, because someone seemingly more decent, compassionate, and, yes, socialist is at the helm. I don’t doubt that he is far from perfect, and for all I know he makes your everyday working lives miserable by blasting the office with U2, but right now, were there a general election, I’d vote for him.

I feel drained and gutted by the referendum result. My only response to that right now comes after a week of awful loss and sadness – I’ve pledged to #LoveLikeJo by continuing to challenge prejudice and hate. This is me calling you out on your contempt for ordinary people, as you clearly don’t have faith in us.

Instead of getting your knickers in a twist trying to get Jeremy out, do the decent thing and listen to the sodding ordinary, everyday people. Some of those conversations will be difficult – deal with it. Then Labour may just have a chance of winning a general election and tackling the unspeakable mess Dave and George have made with their crushing austerity bollocks.




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